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Live Interfaces Journal

Live Interfaces is an open access, peer-reviewed and media-rich journal that aims to reflect on how specific understandings of ‘liveness’, ‘immediacy’, ‘timing’ and ‘flow’ manifest in performance with creative media, be they physical, electronic, digital or hybrid. It seeks to expose and discuss how different technologies and creative processes might convey original approaches to and/ or alienation from the physical body and the natural environment.

This is an annual publication. Whenever the number of articles received exceeds the size of one issue, a second issue may be published. Similarly, in the years coinciding with the organisation of the International Conference on Live Interfaces, an extra issue can be published. 

As an e-journal, Live Interfaces considers criteria for academic indexing while assuming the internet both as a means of dissemination and a creative medium. The journal can support text- based contributions with embedded media and hyperlinks as well as web-based artworks, such as those involving data mining or interactive composition, for example. Submissions may include, and are not restricted to:

  • Practice research reports
  • Reflective essays
  • Sound/Image essays
  • Theoretical essays
  • Interviews
  • Debates
  • Web-based interactive works
  • Sonification/ visualisation systems

Please check the submission guide.

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