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FilmEU Doctus seminar at Lusófona University

The most recent FilmEU Doctus seminar took place on March 21-22 at Lusófona University in Lisbon. The event welcomed 21 PhD students from five different FilmEU HEIs (NATFA, LUCA, IADT, TLU, and Lusófona) and more than 15 nationalities. The seminar was titled ‘Media Arts Back & Forth’ and focused on the past and future of media arts in virtual and non-virtual environments. The event featured keynote talks by Yadegar Asisi (Berlin), Gabriele Koller (Altötting), Christa Sommerer (Linz), and Joel Ryan (The Hague), as well as several presentations of VR artistic projects. The seminar also included two main thematic roundtables to discuss PhD projects related to ‘Arts and Technologies’ and ‘Film and Artistic Research’. The event concluded with a guided tour of the exhibition ‘The Panorama of Congo: Unrolling the Past with VR’ at the National Museum of Natural History and Science.

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